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Christmas Tree Alternatives, 16 Great Options

I love Christmas! Without a doubt, it’s one of my favorite times of the year. And nothing screams Christmas quite like a Christmas tree. Big, bold, colorful, and bright… I love it! But a traditional Christmas tree is not always practical and sometimes we just need to change it up a bit and try out something different. I’ve spent hours online to find the 16 best Christmas tree alternatives. There are many images and ideas out there, but the good ones are far and few between, scattered throughout quite a lot of nonsense. For the crafty among us, I’ve listed some great DIY trees. And for those who love to shop or just don’t have the time, there are some great options available on Amazon (links provided below.)


Here are my best picks:


The Chalkboard Tree

Chalkboard Christmas trees
Christmas Tree Alternatives – Chalkboard

There are a couple of ways to do a great chalkboard Christmas tree. Decorate it yourself or let the kids go wild. If space isn’t a problem, try the 3-dimensional stand-alone option. If space is a problem, a simple piece of plywood and some chalkboard paint can create any shaped tree you want. Place it up against the wall and you’re ready to decorate it.


Super Modern Tree

Modern Hanging Christmas tree
Modern Hanging Christmas Tree

I must say that I have quite a crush on this tree! I think it is an absolutely gorgeous alternative to a traditional Christmas tree. You can find this one here on Amazon. It looks beautifully made and seems to be superb quality. This one definitely ranks as my number one out of all the options on this list. Stylish, simple and beautiful, everything a Christmas tree should be.


Mermaid Sequin Tree

DIY Sequin Christmas tree. Red and Green.
Sequin Christmas Tree

Great Christmas tree alternatives require some out-of-the-box thinking. This sequin tree is so beautifully different. A real piece of artwork and something of a DIY enthusiast’s dream. It can be done in superb space-saving fashion as seen here, or possibly taken to a new level with added dimension and more sides for a traditional tree shape. You will find the creator of this beautiful piece and her full tutorial on it’s manufacturing here:


Hanging Fairy Lights – Christmas Tree Alternatives

Hanging fairy lights in Christmas tree shape.
Hanging Lights Tree

Speaking of DIY dreams, here’s another incredible piece to try out for yourself. Modern and chic with just the right amount of Christmas tree magic sprinkled in there. This one works best with a lot of space, although I think that a half version against the wall is highly possible. Start out with a round base and string the fairy lights from the base to a higher central point. This particular one uses the ceiling for its structural integrity. If you don’t want to attach this to the ceiling, some other form of framework will need to be used, which will likely take away that magical floating feeling. Don’t be surprised to see a step by step tutorial of this one on my site before next Christmas, because I love this idea and overall look.


Wooden Dowel Tree

Christmas tree made from wooden dowels.
Simple Dowel Christmas Tree Alternatives

Looking for something really simple, but also pretty, and different? This is what you have been looking for. Dress it up for the extravagant or dress it down for the minimalist. You can try your hand at a DIY option or, you can get this wooden dowel Christmas tree alternative on Amazon. It comes beautifully packaged, but needs to be assembled.


Balloon Tree

Christmas Tree made from green balloons with gold star balloon.
Balloon Tree

While I’m not a major fan of this idea, I know that some of you will be. This Christmas tree alternative is great for year-end functions and Christmas parties in general. Balloons don’t last very long and this unique tree will be no exception. Unless you are highly experienced with balloons, I would advise having this one done by a professional.


Half a Tree

half Christmas tree against the wall
Half Tree

Do you love the look of a traditional Christmas tree but just don’t have the space for it? You have found your solution! This beautiful half Christmas tree can be found on Amazon and is the perfect space-saving companion for your festive season.


Floor Lamp with a Difference

Floor lamp Christmas tree
Lamp Christmas Tree

Stylish, elegant, practical, and oh so clever! This DIY Christmas lamp is perfect for the home that doesn’t want to overdo it but still wants that festive vibe. No kids in the home? Going away for the holidays? Feeling like a big tree would be a waste? Why not give this one a shot? You will find the creator of this stunning Christmas lamp and a step by step tutorial at The DIY Mommy over here:


Ladder Christmas Tree Alternatives

Ladder used as a Christmas tree with decorations
Ladder – Christmas Tree Alternatives

If you are feeling rather crafty and just happen to have a ladder lying around, you’re already halfway there. A beautiful tree that is so simple to create. Simply set up the ladder for the frame and decorate it however you see fit. I particularly love the hanging decorations at different levels, like floating colorful bubbles. Sliding planks in between the steps to create shelves could also put an interesting twist on this.


Tiny but Chic

Small red A-frame Christmas tree with balls
Tiny Pretty Modern Tree

This particular piece is perfect for students, the much older generation, or just about anyone who doesn’t have the space or doesn’t want to go all for Christmas. The perfect item for those who prefer tiny home living or like to travel. It’s compact, pretty and even quite stylish. You will find this little Christmas winner here on Amazon.


Tree Shelves

Christmas tree shelves made from wood
Wooden Tree Shelves

Space-saving, stylish, and quite different from the norm. Not everyone wants to hang their decorations and after seeing some beautiful examples, I can see why. This DIY concept still shouts “I LOVE CHRISTMAS!” But it also says “I love stylish and trendy pieces for my home.” Great for sentimental individuals who want to bring in family trinkets or even some photos.


Cactus for Christmas

Cactus shaped Christmas trees with decorations
Cactus Shaped Tree

Who said a Christmas tree has to be a pine tree? Nobody did! This DIY cactus for Christmas is different and fun. Without a doubt, this one will have people talking.


Simple LED Tree

Stark tree with LED lights on branches with snow dusting
Snow Dusted LED Branches

A minimalists dream! This tree is so pretty on its own that decorations might just spoil it. The light dusting of snow combined with the LEDs reminds me of the trees in Central Park after dark. If this winter wonderland piece has drawn you in, grab it here on Amazon.


Pallet Tree

Christmas tree made from pallets with decorations
Beautiful Pallet Trees

Pallet furniture is all the rage! Why should Christmas be an exception to this trend? Well, it clearly isn’t. If you haven’t tried your hand at pallet work before, let this be your first project. You have nothing to lose and it’s so rewarding.


Hanging Branches – DIY Christmas Tree Alternatives

Hanging stick Christmas trees with decorations
Hanging Stick Christmas Tree Alternatives

Have your tree in just about any part of the house. This simple DIY alternative is easy, cost-effective and downright beautiful. This doesn’t even have to be your actual tree, use it as a door wreath alternative or for a DIY decoration at the office. Let your artistic talents fly free to create a Christmas masterpiece


Super-easy Space-saver – Christmas Tree Alternatives

Flat synthetic Christmas tree with decorations
Space-saving Tree

When you need to save space, time, and money, there is a solution. As far as flatpack wall trees go, this is the best one I have seen. Others are made out of material, have lightweight ultra-cheap decorations and just don’t look very well put together. This tree is sturdy, well made and can have regular Christmas tree decorations added to it. You can find it here on Amazon.


I would love to hear about your Christmas tree alternatives. If you tried any from this list, please send me some pictures and let me know how it went. Have a happy Christmas, from this Ginger Mouse.


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