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Awesome Valentine’s Gifts FOR HIM!

Giving gifts goes back in time further than we can fathom. It’s in our human nature and it’s something that makes us feel really good. While it feels good to receive a gift, it generally feels even better to give a gift due to the rush of endorphins and dopamine that we receive. It’s a great time of year to show your man just how much you care about him. Here are my top picks of some great Valentine’s gifts for him.

Shaving Kit

shaving kin with bag and box Valentine's gifts

Keeping that beard well tamed and under control can be a bit of a mission without the right equipment. Help him to find his inner gentleman and look totally dapper every day of the week with a great shaving kit.

Coffee Machine

coffee pod machine Valentine's gifts
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Nothing says I love you quite like making a cup of coffee for your significant other in the morning. So let him say “I love you” by allowing the barista in him shine out with an awesome pod machine.

Massage Candles

massage candle vanilla in tin Valentine's gifts

What’s more romantic than giving your partner a massage? This is Valentine’s day after all, and those clothes aren’t meant to stay on all night. Find a soy candle with notes of vanilla, jasmine, and ylang-ylang to keep the mood going.

Skin Care

mens skincare products Valentine's gifts

You will obviously know if your partner is the type to take care of his skin. and if he is, this is definitely something that should be encouraged. He will thank you later!


soundwave art in frame Valentine's gifts

Fanart of his favorite bands, movies, or comics will always work a treat, especially for the man that is fortunate enough to have his own cave. There’s a new trend of soundwave art that is making it big in the industry, and it’s totally cool!

Hot Sauces

bottles of hot sauce Valentine's gifts

Men and hot sauces go together like peas and carrots! And if the old saying of “the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” has any bit of truth to it, why not give this one a bash?


hugo boss bottle fragrance and box Valentine's gifts

Men love to smell good and we love it when they do! The scent of our partner has a whole lot more to do with our attraction to them than we realize! Be sure to always get one that is of good quality. Low-quality perfumes will go rancid very quickly and just smell awful in general.


mens luxury underwear, pack of 3. black Valentine's gifts

While this may seem rather cliche and sounds more like a boring father’s day gift, I actually mean to spoil him with some very nice underwear. Something different from the norm, maybe with a little more color and made from top quality material… Letting him know that your thoughts are sometimes on his undies is a good thing!

Gown and Pajamas for Valentine’s gifts

man in pajamas and gown Valentine's gifts

Comfort and relaxation for the win! For some unknown reason, relaxing around the house in clothes specifically designed for that purpose always feels better.

A Book

the kind worth killing book advertisement Valentine's gifts

If he is a bookworm, there are always great new pieces coming out every few months. Some great new authors to consider are Peter Swanson and Alice Feeney (My personal Favorites.)

Specialty Chocolates

luxury chocolates in golden box Valentine's gifts

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Nobody that I know, that’s for sure… I just don’t need that kind of negativity in my life! Getting him something different and special will really be a treat! Maybe something made with raw cacao or infused with different flavors and textures… hmmm, might just get some of that for myself too.


rayban sunglasses Valentine's gifts
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Oh yes, he wants to look stylish when he is out and about with you on his arm. A cool new pair of shades will do just that!

Watch or Jewelry

mens leather bracelet Valentine's gifts

Is he the type to bling it up? My man wears more jewelry than I do, and that’s the honest truth. But he totally rocks it and he is not alone. If you really want to splash out on him this valentine’s day, bling is the way to go.


Hemp oil in 2 dropper bottles Valentine's gifts

The benefits of CBD oil are astounding and it’s making big pharma wake up and take a look at alternative therapies. Whether or not your man has any health issues is irrelevant. CBD oil can also be used for anxiety, stress, and just to give a feeling of general wellbeing. Not just for Valentine’s gifts, this one can be used for any occasion.

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